Thursday, March 11, 2010

2010 Census

Well, the 2010 Census forms have begun arriving. I got mine yesterday. Please make sure that you take the five minutes (or less) that's required to fill out this form and return it as soon as possible.

Participation in the decennial is required by law. The goal of the US Census Bureau is to count every man, woman, and child living in the United States as of 4/1/2010 (Census Day). This count is important in many ways. The results of the census are used to determine, among other things, the amount of Representatives in the House of Representatives in Washington, distribution of federal funding to the states, counties, and, most importantly, the local governments.

Don't forget - complete your form and mail it in. Otherwise, you will be getting a visit from a census taker sometime in the early summer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Note From the Mayor

Mayor Duignam asked me to pass this along . . .

It’s such a pleasure living in a community where people care about one another!

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and consideration during our recent snow storms. Your adherence to the emergency snow management ordinance was awesome and greatly appreciated by Council, the Road Crew, the Police Dept., and above all, your neighbors. Kudos to the Maintenance Road Crew for a superb clean up job. Keep up the good work!

Now, let’s all look forward to our Annual Easter Egg Hunt slated for March 28th at 1:00 PM. This great event will take place at the Braden Park ball field for all children up to and including the 6th grade. We are looking for donations of eggs, real or plastic. A sign up sheet will be posted in the Municipal Building lobby. Till then, God bless and THINK SUMMER!

Luke Duignam
Mayor, Borough of Tatamy