Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traffic Signal Work

Could it be possible that the traffic signal work at the corner of 8th and Main Streets in Tatamy has begun? It would appear so. I'll try to verify, but they've definately started digging holes for what I'm assuming are to be the foundations for the light standards. Now that the spring weather has arrived, I'm guessing that this work will begin in earnest.

It also looks like they're going to be installing lights at the corner of VanBuren and Main (Tatamy Rd).

Tatamy/Stockertown Bridge Update

After reading an online blog post by Joe Owens (Express-Times Editor) a few weeks back, I decided to drop a note to Representative Rich Grucela's office and ask if there was any chance that we could possibly, if nothing else, take a new look at this project and perhaps use some of the new found stimulus money to fund it.

Well, I received a call yesterday from Chuck Lewis, who works for Rep. Grucela who indicated to me that the bridge project is in fact on the "wishlist". There is a meeting sometime in early April with Sen. Wonderling to discuss this and other projects that might be able to use some stimulus funding.

There may be a little glimmer of hope that something may be done. Stay tuned . . .

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tatamy's Candidates

The following Tatamy residents have filed petitions for election in the May Primary Election as follows:

Luke Duignam (R)

Hazel DeReamus (R)
Bob Fisher (R)
Bob Hayes (R)
Mike Racz (D)

Bernice Correll (D)
Joanne Wagner (R)

Cindy Duelley (R)

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be reaching out to these candidates, especially the ones running for Council and Mayor, and ask them to give me a brief summary of their goals and expectations (e.g. "why should I vote for you?") and I will blog them here for you as a way to "Meet the Candidates".

Hollo Road Update

I've received numerous questions lately (and have been rather curious myself) that go something like this:
"hey, do you know when Hollo Road and ProLogis Parkway is going to open?", or "what's up with the barricade at the intersection of Hollo Road and ProLogis Parkway?"

So, I decided to write a note to both Timm Tenges (Lower Nazareth Township Manager) and Bob Anckaitis (Palmer Township Manager). This is where we stand to date:

It would appear that Lower Nazareth is requiring some reassurances from Palmer that Palmer will take care of some future improvements required to support the increased traffic flow that will come from the under construction Chrin Commerce Centre. Two or so weeks ago, Palmer's engineer submitted to Lower Nazareth all the documentation they requested, and it's currently being reviewed by the Lower Nazareth engineer. Once Lower Nazareth has completed their review and is satisfied that Palmer has addressed their concerns, Lower Nazareth will remove the barricades in place and open the road. I thank Bob Anckaitis from Palmer for this information, all I heard from Lower Nazareth was that "there were issues that needed to be worked out". I hope to have information to provide an update sometime next week. If/when I hear anything, you'll get it here.

Stay tuned . . .